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Timber Moulding (S4S)

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Timber Moulding (S4S)

Your Search For High-quality Timber Moulding (S4S) Ends Here

Whether you are looking to buy the best-grade timber or want to purchase timber moulding service, CameroonTimberExport is your best destination.

We are Cameroon’s No. 1 supplier of top-grade African timber, including S4S moulding, with shipping all over the world.

Also, you can send your timber to us to get it moulded into S4S.

What is S4S Moulding?

S4S moulding or S4S timber is a standard timber that has been surfaced on all four sides.

A joiner or plainer is normally used to mill the surface of the timber for the purpose of making it smooth and look beautiful.

S4S mouldings are used in a range of projects, like for making furniture, decorative items, fences, etc.

We supply S4S timber in all sizes and in a wide range of African wood species.

Order today to get S4S moulding in any size you want.

How it works

If you are looking to buy S4S lumber, in standard or custom profiles, you can contact us directly to place your S4S moulding order.

Make sure to mention the lumber thickness and width when placing your order.

We sell S4S moulding timber in all standard sizes and in a variety of African wood species, including Azobe, Afromosia, Bilinga, Doussie, Ebony black, Ekop-beli, Iroko, Black Limba, and others.

Alternatively, if you are looking for S4S Timber Moulding service, you can contact us for the same.

This service involves the surfacing of a rough timber on all four sides to make it smooth and better looking. It’s preferred for wood projects where all four sides of the timber will be visible.

For S4S timber moulding, you need to provide us with rough timber, which you can buy from us as well.

We sell both African wood logs and surfaced timber, so you can purchase whatever suits your needs.

The S4S timber moulding process is standard and involves the use of our in-house sawmills at our factory in Cameroon.

We use the latest technology to achieve consistency in timber moulding.

Moreover, over timber orders are always priced fairly and shipped on time as promised to customers.

At CameroonTimberExport, we also create and supply custom timber S4S profiles for all Africa wood species.

If you have an idea or image of a particular S4S profile, we can create a custom S4S moulding from it.

Hundreds of businesses globally trust CameroonTimberExport for quality African timber and woodworking.

You can also trust us and place your order with us to get it at the best price with on-time delivery to your location anywhere in the world.

Contact us today to share your timber requirements.

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