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Brokerage Services

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Brokerage Services

Many times, it is not possible for a single timber provider to fulfill the different timber needs of different types of customers. For instance, Reenjoh Limited may not always have the timber species a client is looking for.

Similarly, you may not have the wood that your client wants. In such cases, you can partner with us for the exchange of those clients, which one party is not able to serve at the time, for mutual benefits.

Here’s how it will work:

  • A client approaches us for a timber product that we don’t have in stock
  • I check out with our partners (other timber companies) for the product
  • If one of my partners has the product, I refer that client to my partner company

For every successful referral (who converts into sale), the referring person/company will be liable to get a fixed commission in the sale value. For instance, if the sale value is $100, then I (as a referring person) will receive a fixed percentage commission from the original seller.

This will be kind of timber brokerage services, where you can work to receive a commission for every client you refer to us and vice versa.


  • Opportunity to work with other timber companies
  • You’ll get to work with timber companies worldwide, so you can start selling even those wood species that you do not have in your country
  • Expand your timber business to a global platform
  • Increase your sales with a mutually beneficial partnership
  • A wonderful investment opportunity for individuals and companies in the wood industry

What we offer

We are offering a partnership cum brokerage program for all those individuals, businesses and timber companies worldwide who are looking to expand their business and increase sales.

Here is what you get:

Timber Investment Opportunity

With us, you get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in the timber business on an international level. If you are an individual or small business producing timber but do not have the resources or time to sell your product, you can partner with us.

We will conduct and monitor timber sale/purchase throughout Africa on your behalf. In exchange, we will earn a commission for each successful sale, and you get exposure to a global market with a huge increase in your timber sales.

Timber Brokerage Service

As a broker, one can earn an attractive commission by making a sale on behalf of a timber company. For instance, I can refer clients to my partner company and get a fixed commission for each successful sale.

This site will operate as a platform for timber brokers and companies to partner and work with each other.

Timber Scam/Fraud Protection

We will also offer dedicated timber scam or fraud check services to ensure that you are purchasing a genuine product.

Clients looking to buy new timber products can avail our Timber Scam/Fraud Check services to check the quality, authenticity, and legitimacy of wood products over multiple factors.

Today, the sale and purchase of ingenuine/fake timber products are very common around the world. We are trying to stop it by spreading awareness and providing this simple and effective tool for checking timber scam/fraud.

How To Become A Partner With Us

To become a partner (seller/investor/broker) with Reenjoh Limited, you can sign up here.

Payment and Donation: We accept payments via PayPal.


Who can join Timber Brokerage Services?

Any individual, company or broker looking to earn attractive commission by selling timber on behalf of other companies can join as a broker. Any person or company looking to expand their timber business or increase the sales can join as a partner.

What will be the commission amount?

The commission amount will be decided on the product and supply basis. For different products, the referral amount will be different. More details will be updated soon.

I am a local timber seller. Can I join this program?

Yes, if you are looking to increase your timber sales or want to expand your business beyond your city, it’s time to join our partner program. It will help you put your local business on the international platform and enable you to sell the wood to businesses/merchants throughout the world.

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Privacy Policy (Anti Corruption and Bribery Policy)

At Reenjoh Limited, we do not participate in and strongly oppose any kind of corruption or bribery instances in the supply of timber through us.


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